What We Do

We provide analytics services for your business. We focus on serving SME businesses primarily in Consumer Products and Services, E-Commerce, Healthcare, and Retail sectors.

Customer Analytics

Do you know who your ideal customer is? And why does s/he buy from you? This seems a very basic question nonetheless it is amazing to see it being ignored so frequently. Customer analytics generate meaningful insights about your customers and can help you grow your business.

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Operational Analytics

Are you in firm control of your business? As a leader, do you have your critical business metrics available at your fingertips at all times? Business Analytics service identifies and analyses key ratios for your business to streamline your business operations.

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E-Business Intelligence

How well are you competing in today's digital world? BI lets you predict future performance of your business and make smarter decisions. We leverage advanced analytical techniques and apply business acumen to help you develop competitive advantage for your business to stay ahead.

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Business Consulting

Our Business Consulting Services assist you in tackling the myriad challenges you would otherwise face, right from evaluating the feasibility of a new business to devising data-driven growth strategies for it to scale-up, in an easy, convenient, flexible, and cost-effective manner.

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What Our Clients Say

We are trusted by clients who work with us!


You have done a good job by guiding throughout the project. Right from day one of our interaction, your ability to grasp the topic has relieved me from much of my worries, and subsequent suggestions and different perspectives have added new insights to the study. I can't imagine how much time and efforts you have taken to complete the task as per agreed schedule, but your continuous updates on progress indicated that you must have taken sizable efforts to present outcome in systematic manner. I am indeed happy to get positive energy and positive results from you and appreciate your valued contribution for the studies. Many thanks for commitment and patience in the whole process of almost two months. Look forward to your continued support for this project as well as many more projects in future too.



[We are] learning a great deal from you, and your involvement has helped us create a successful vision and track in our company... the best qualities have seen till date are that you get into deeper and deeper for things and work hard on facts. Trust, commitment, punctuality, respect, winning people are the great qualities you have.

CEO, Healthcare network portal


It feels privileged to be associated with Veravizion & Co. for the work done using statistical techniques and I would like to extend my gratitude towards the team for their excellence in quality and support in many ways. The analytics work in any company is considered one of the most important aspects, and without their support it would not have been possible to achieve the said objective. Very professional in their work, the company used statistical techniques which were reliable and they were total value for money. Their job just didn’t end in analysing the work; they made sure that each and every line is explained visually. The team not only performed the assigned work but also gave advice on where we lacked in our plan and suggested necessary corrective measures. Besides, the team worked in a very friendly manner and made sure to show the work done from time to time until the work was completed, and ensured that every penny invested in them was worth it. I appreciate them for their cooperation, sincerity, integrity as well as reliability. I thank them for leaving no stone unturned to help us achieve the objectives. I would definitely want to work with them in the future..

Researcher, Marketing practices of CIPLA


"Thank you for your help and advice I really appreciate it, would like to work together again in the future!"

Business owner, Borehamwood, Hertfordshire, UK

E-Commerce Business

"The business analysis was very very good. We got the clear perspective. We knew [our business] wasn't going well but you helped us understand exactly how bad it was."


Food eTailer

"It was great. We needed a direction and you provided us a clear direction. Personally, I like your straight forward approach of working. You keep on guiding and motivating, to me that adds to your credibility... would definitely like to work again with you in the future."


Consumer Electronics

"Presented a very technical in-depth view and gave me precise business insights. I totally agree with the points and suggestions [he] has put forth regarding how I can achieve my targets and reach the goals in a systematic and strategic way, and grow the business to make it mass scale. Thank you!"


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