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We are of the kind that believes that human brain is the best computer ever developed. No amount of number churning by massively parallel supercomputers can beat the decision-making prowess of your situation-conditioned brain. This thinking reflects in our name Veravizion too (except for the little twist in pronunciation).

Veravizion /verɑ:vɪzɪɒn/ is pronounced as ‘Vera-Vi-Zee-On’.

Passionate about numbers, we love to spot patterns in everything we see. That is why we see meaningful trends where others find random mismatches at best. It helps us to predict the hidden based on the visible. In business context, this ability enables us to see the real insights that will benefit a business situation.

We analyze your structured or unstructured data to create value for you in the following three ways:
1. Find root cause hidden in the messy data to solve your business problem. Removing the root cause is usually the best way to solve any problem; whereas solving only the symptoms usually causes the problem to aggravate in the future.
2. Identify patterns within cryptic data to reveal meaningful insights about your business. Thorough understanding of your customers (and consumers) invariably leads you to exceeding your business growth objectives. On the contrary, incorrect assumptions about your customers can eventually doom your business.
3. Generate visual reports to present the vast unreadable data in an easy and flexible manner. Simple and correct reports enable you to make fact-based decisions for your business success; jazzy but misleading representation will make you susceptible to erroneous decision making.


Veravizion strives to do this through our Operational Analytics, Customer Analytics, Business Forecasting, and MIS Reporting services.


We offer these services to small and medium enterprise (SME) business organizations primarily in Consumer Products and Services, and Retail sectors.

We believe every challenge that a business faces is unique. Therefore, it must employ intellectual horsepower that can think specifically about that problem in order to arrive at customized solutions for it. At Veravizion, we employ the right analytics thinking and techniques to enable your businesses make data-driven decisions. We strive to apply our business acumen, industry knowledge, and analytics skills to assist you in achieving your business objectives.
Our mission is to be the trusted partner to every business we serve!

Past experience

Veravizion is drawing on from our past experience of fifteen years in leading client engagements successfully across UK, US, Europe, and South-East Asia. The experience primarily includes workflow system development, data analytics, and consulting our clients on business process analysis, design, and improvements. The engagements involved interacting with client executives to understand their pain areas, analysing data to identify root cause(s), and working on best-fit solutions to achieve their key objectives. The many projects delivered successfully not only delighted our clients but also won us several awards and accolades. Our numerous interactions with business executives across functional disciplines helped us understand their pressing problems and empathize with their frustrations. They gave us a unique perspective on the most annoying and painful aspects to most business executives. We sincerely believe that complete orientation to our customer needs and wants is the only way to achieve their objectives.

Educational credentials

Our founder director has acquired his technical skills studying at one of the reputed National Institutes of Technology in India. The engineering education imbibed the habit of drilling down to the root of any problem and resolving the root cause itself. The advanced business concepts learned at the University of Oxford proved pivotal in honing the business acumen and refining the understanding of business strategy, a topic of great interest and passion to him. The business education enabled the application of design thinking approach to solve tricky problems to your satisfaction.

The past experience supplemented with the learnings at Oxford serves as a constant reminder to always focus on creating value for our clients in a simple, easier, better, and cost-effective way. It allows us to be at the forefront of developments in this field and continue creating value for our clients.

Who we are

Meet Our Team 


Praveen Kshirsagar is the Founder of Veravizion Consulting. He serves a broad range of clients in multiple industries and functions with his work in strategy, analytics, and operations. Praveen has global experience in working on strategic projects for Fortune-500 clients with multi-million-dollar budgets ensuring high returns on investment for the clients. His has keen interest in industries like healthcare, retail, e-commerce, hospitality, and consumer products, where, he believes, exists an opportunity to create significant value and positive impact for the end consumer. Praveen has been involved in research efforts on devising innovative mechanisms using analytics to help clients understand their customers thoroughly. He is the author of several articles and regularly publishes blogs – called Veracle - to share his thoughts on business topics. He has recently taken a fascination towards reading about electric vehicles. Praveen holds a degree in Electronics Engineering with first-class from National Institute of Technology in Nagpur. He went on to graduate from Saïd Business School at University of Oxford in UK, where he received a Master of Business Administration with distinction.

Sumit/Statistical Analyst

Sumit Rajesh Patil is a young and enthusiastic person working as Statistical Analyst Intern in Veravizion Consulting. He is keen to apply relevant business principles for solving client’s business-related problems. Sumit was working with Tata Trusts prior to joining Veravizion Consulting. He worked in health and nutrition sector for successful implementation of ‘POSHAN Abhiyaan’. In doing so he provided management support to District Collector, Barwani (M.P.) and worked closely with Department of Women and Child Development, Barwani (M.P.). Sumit is interested in myriad of topics like mathematics, photography, psychology and cooking. He is also interested in Japanese culture and is keen to experience it first-hand which can help broaden his problem-solving perspective. Sumit completed his under-graduation in Civil Engineering from Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology, Nagpur. He went on to complete his post-graduation in Master of Business Administration (Marketing) from Indian Institute of Management, Bodh Gaya.

Apratim/Statistical Analyst

Apratim R. Shandilya is a career oriented professional. He works as a Statistical Analyst Intern at Veravizion Consulting. He has a keen interest in solving business related problems through data analytics. Apratim has worked on Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) datasets and provided with rare insights about the education condition in and around Pune. He secured 1st rank in Analytics Hackathon organised in Statistics Department in Pune by PMC Pune Chapter where he worked on MSEDCL Reliability Indices. In the analysis various useful insights about the electricity condition in different zones in Maharashtra which came through Time series forecast and TOPSIS method. Apratim holds a Bachelors’ degree in Statistics (Hons.) with first-class from University of Delhi. He went on to postgraduate from Savitribai Phule Pune University (Formerly known as Pune University) in Statistics.

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