What We Do

How Veravizion creates value

How Veravizion creates value

We analyze your structured or unstructured data to create value for you in the following three ways:

1. Find root cause hidden in the messy data to solve your business problem.

Removing the root cause is usually the best way to solve any problem; whereas solving only the symptoms usually causes the problem to aggravate in the future.

2. Identify patterns within cryptic data to reveal meaningful insights about your business.

Thorough understanding of your customers (and consumers) invariably leads you to exceeding your business growth objectives. On the contrary, incorrect assumptions about your customers can eventually doom your business.

3. Generate visual reports to present the vast unreadable data in an easy and flexible manner.

Simple and correct reports enable you to make fact-based decisions for your business success; jazzy but misleading representation will make you susceptible to erroneous decision making.


Veravizion strives to do this through our Operational Analytics, Customer Analytics, Business Forecasting, and MIS Reporting services.   We offer these services to small and medium enterprise (SME) business organizations primarily in Consumer Products and Services, and Retail sectors.


Our Mission

Our mission is to be the trusted partner to every business we serve!

We believe every challenge that a business faces is unique. Therefore, it must employ intellectual horsepower that can think specifically about that problem in order to arrive at customized solutions for it. At Veravizion, we employ the right analytics thinking and techniques to enable your businesses make data-driven decisions. We strive to apply our business acumen, industry knowledge, and analytics skills to assist you in achieving your business objectives.



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