Who We Are

Know more about Veravizion®

Veravizion /verɑ:vɪzɪɒn/ is pronounced ‘Vera-Vi-Zee-On’.

We help organizations develop a thorough understanding of their customers.

Our Beginning

Veravizion was conceived with this thought – “Large corporations continue to become larger by employing advanced analytical techniques and latest management principles. Why can’t mid-sized businesses do the same?” Veravizion was founded with an aspiration to make advanced analytical methodologies and innovative management concepts available to mid-sized businesses to help them compete with large corporations.

It was born out of a vision to create an organization that caters to the first need of businesses – to know everything about customers, their motivations, and their reasons to purchase. Without that understanding, no business can survive, let alone thrive.

We leverage this comprehensive understanding of our client’s customers to glean actionable insights for our clients that help them take their business to the next level.

What We Believe

We believe in contextual problem solving by applying deliberate strategy. We do this by focussing on both quantitative and qualitative analysis. Passionate about numbers, we love to spot patterns in everything we see; and we do this in the context of the problem and the larger situation at hand. That is why we see meaningful trends by combining quantitative and qualitative perspectives. It helps us to predict the hidden from the visible. In the business context, this ability enables us to see the real insights that almost invariably benefit a business situation.

Who we are

What Veravizion® has accomplished till date!

  • Enabled an online business to grow and scale-up at national level
  • Advised start-up in healthcare space and helped them develop business plans to qualify for funding
  • Devised marketing strategies and plans for organisations in retail, CPG, and e-commerce space
  • Facilitated facts-based decision-making process by institutionalising analytics
  • Assisted with detailed analysis in research studies in pharma, financial services, construction and real estate, and government sectors
  • Industries served are retail, healthcare, medical devices, food, e-commerce, consumer electronics, technology, pharmaceuticals, financial services, and social (a state-government sponsored)

A Little More About Us

Professional Experience

We are a bunch of analysts, statisticians, and consultants.

Veravizion is drawing on our past experience of leading client engagements across Europe, India, South-East Asia, the UK, and the US.

The many projects delivered successfully not only delighted our clients but also won us several awards and accolades. Our numerous interactions with business executives across functional disciplines helped us understand their pressing problems and empathize with their frustrations. They gave us an important perspective on the most annoying and painful aspects to most business executives. We sincerely believe that complete orientation to our client’s needs and wants is the only way to achieve their objectives.

Educational credentials

Our team members have honed their technical skills by studying at one of the top National Institutes in India, such as NIT, IIM, and ISc. The intensive education imbibed the habit of drilling down to the root of any problem and resolving the root cause itself.

The advanced business concepts learned at the University of Oxford proved pivotal in honing the business acumen and refining the understanding of marketing and business strategy, a topic of great interest and passion to us. The business education enabled the application of a design thinking approach to solving tricky problems to your satisfaction.

The past experience supplemented with the learnings at Oxford serves as a constant reminder to always focus on creating value for our clients in a simple, easier, better, and cost-effective way. It allows us to be at the forefront of developments in this field and continue creating value for our clients.

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