Make your career application effective

Your CV and cover letter speak for you in your absence when you apply for any position with any institution. Therefore, it is natural that you take due care and efforts, and follow specific guidelines to highlight your brightest side through these two important artifacts.

We would like you to succeed at your application for a role at Veravizion.

Please follow these guidelines while preparing your CV and cover letter for your application in response to these current openings.

Guidelines for writing your CV

  • Please keep it brief – preferably one, maximum two sides of an A4 page.
  • Use any format you are comfortable with as long as it is readable.
  • Include your accomplishments on academic, non-academic, work (if applicable), and personal fronts.
  • Highlight your serious achievements, distinctive awards, and special accolades. We want to see that you strove hard to achieve serious goals.
  • Include your standardized test scores (e.g., GMAT, GRE, CAT, SAT).
  • Mention your role, actions, and results while explaining any past project and/or work experience.
  • Consider mentioning your hobbies or your favourite leisure pursuits.
  • Feel free to add any information (not normally considered for adding in a CV) that you think highlights your holistic personality.

Guidelines for writing your cover letter

  • State why you would like to work for a start-up like ours (as opposed to working for an established name in the industry). We would like to know whether you are ready for the roller-coaster ride at a start-up.
  • What excites you about the role you are applying to and why?
  • What is it in you that you think makes you a suitable candidate for this role?
  • Mention your current CTC (if applicable), salary (and any other) expectations, and any constraints you may have. We want this information to engineer a good fit with us from all perspectives.

Your CV and your cover letter are your opportunity to project yourself in the best possible way, truthfully!


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