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Would you like a role which pushes you into thinking about and learning new stuff, as part of your day to day work? Add to that an occasional sports analytics challenge or a social impact experiment. Does this sound exciting enough?

At Veravizion, you get all of the above and then some more.

But what really makes analytics career so interesting?

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Veravizion Careers home

We are not talking about the usual ‘you get to work on challenging assignments, wear multiple hats simultaneously, and get to dirty your hands’ stuff. Guess those things come with most of them. Apart from the obvious aspects like the opportunity to work on the latest stuff, an analytics based role entails thinking (quantitatively and qualitatively) from the standpoints of both a seller and a digital consumer, and applying real insights gleaned from analysing loads of data to create value for both. It’s tough but it’s exhilarating.  In short, you get to look at today’s world from a different perspective and learn today’s life skills; all at a blistering pace. Up for it?

Our work

Our clients come to us to solve their data analysis and business problems. They ask us to suggest the best solutions for their issues. We look to apply the intellectual fire-power to not only solve these problems for them but also create value in the process.

To be able to do this, we must first have empathy to feel our clients’ pain and understand what keeps them awake at night. Only after that can we suggest a solution that resolves the root cause of the underlying issue.

Who we look for

We look for talented individuals who are self-driven, excellence-oriented, highly inquisitive, flexible, and are thorough team players. We strongly believe that big impacts can be created by a few passionate and committed people working cohesively in a collaborative environment. Most importantly, you must possess high ethical standards that embody the values that are our guiding principles.

You would love to work with us if you are seeking opportunities to:

  • stretch your thinking
  • learn at every step of the way and grow while ‘figuring out stuff’ yourself
  • have fun interacting with like-minded people

If this sounds like you, check out the current openings and apply now!

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