Customer Intelligence

Develop comprehensive understanding about your customers

What is customer intelligence?

Customer intelligence is the detailed information about customers, their buying behaviour, and the motivations behind their purchases.

It helps in understanding the mindset behind their buying decisions. It answers the question: why do they buy what they buy?

Why is customer intelligence important?

Customer Intelligence is at the core of understanding customer behaviour. It explains the WHY. As a result, businesses can position their offerings correctly.

Customers purchase a product (or a service) for their own reasons. The seller’s reason to sell that product is not as relevant as the customer’s reason to buy. Yet, the mismatch between the two is uncomfortably commonplace.

At Veravizion, we strive to find that mismatch.

In other words, the insight on customer’s motivation behind a purchase helps us position our offering in a correct manner.

Moreover, you can use these insights to design personalized marketing strategies. Consequently, this can result in more customers buying more frequently, and of higher value.

Thus, Customer Intelligence helps you to ensure sustainable business growth.

Customer Intelligence Case Study for an Online Food Delivery Business


An online business that delivers homemade food and bakery products to your doorstep


The client’s business was not able to grow beyond their home city.


The regular analytical methods had proven ineffective. Moreover, the need was to achieve the objectives within the stipulated marketing spend.


We performed multivariate analysis along with sentiment analysis to understand customer purchases. This helped in identifying a more profitable customer base that was getting ignored. Moreover, our analytical techniques uncovered a total mismatch in the company’s reasons to sell and their clients’ reasons to buy. So, we recalibrated the marketing strategies based on new insights.


The study advised shifting customer focus from a large-mediocre client base to loyal clients. Thereafter, the marketing efforts started showing better outcomes. Accordingly, the business scaled up within the next few months. As a result, the business attracted a lucrative acquisition offer from the region’s largest hospitality group.

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