Why Veravizion?

Our Value Proposition for You

For business organizations, we deliver simple, quick, and easy to use analytics based consulting solutions to meet your business objectives in a cost-effective manner

Clients look for a partner who designs and delivers a system that meets the client-organizations’ tactical and strategic objectives. As a client, it is of paramount importance to you that you decide and get your job done the way you want. That’s why we, at Veravizion, direct all our efforts toward creating value for you by completely aligning with your needs in which you find the greatest value. We call that our ‘true focus’ and ensure that it resonates with your objectives.

How is Veravizion different?

We believe that we are different in the following three ways:

  1. We want you to succeed, and measure our success by your results.
  • That is why, we align our incentives by how you perceive our work.
  1. We are genuine.
  • We sincerely focus on creating real value for you. You will have to work with us to realise this.
  1. We are extremely discreet and maintain client confidentiality at all times.
  • We never disclose names of our clients where our clients have requested us not to do so, even at the cost of not winning new business.

These sources of differentiation are deeply rooted in our guiding principles – trustworthiness, truthfulness, thoroughness, commitment to excellence, and sense of ownership.

The Veravizion Advantage

We believe in putting customer at the centre of everything we do. That sounds like a nice marketing pitch but why should you trust Veravizion on this? Because we are ready to put money where our mouth is! We ask to be remunerated only when you see evidence of value being created for you.

You will find value generation, shown here in the Client Value Diamond, in one or more of the following five ways:
Why Veravizion Analytics UK

Cost Reduction

For a small and medium enterprise organization, building analytics solution in-house often proves costly in terms of time, cost, and efforts. Not only it requires pulling the ‘right-skilled’ people away from various departments, which is usually difficult, but it also causes spending many man-hours in training and cross-functional collaboration. Thus, your valuable resources become occupied in non-core activities. Moreover, they become disoriented in terms of their actual roles and responsibilities. Instead, you can free up your important people by leveraging external expertise to build your analytics capability economically. Furthermore, your key people can focus on your core-business activities to strengthen your organization further.

So how exactly are our services cost-effective?

Your actual cost of implementing analytics solution = Cost of buying/building the product +
Training cost* +
Ongoing Maintenance cost*

* Training cost and Maintenance cost is virtually zero in case of Veravizion


Consulting is a profession that involves giving expert advice to other professionals. One important aspect of confidentiality* is keeping the professional identity of the client discreet as it involves their strategic goals. Moreover, data privacy is the cornerstone of any data analytics assignment. We, at Veravizion, place extremely high importance on securing our client’s data because we believe that businesses are totally justified in striving to protect their data. We follow a stringent process based on the principle of ‘minimum, need-based data-handling’. To reinforce this rule, we follow two process steps:

  1. We always ask for ‘de-identified’ data – the data stripped-off of specific personal-identifiers such as customer names. In our experience, this critical first step carried at the source facilitates safeguarding of your data and reduces the data risk.
  2. We never ask you to “just send across all the data”. You will need to share only those bits that are essential for the analysis to achieve your objectives.

Why Veravizion Analytics UK

* Veravizion does not disclose the names and faces of clients in the testimonials, even at the cost of not winning new business.

100% Customization Flexibility

We don’t force-fit our solution on to your requirements like most product-buy options do. You get 100% flexibility to customize your requirements the way you want. If there is something that is not likely to be useful to you, we will be candid with you by telling you upfront and let you decide. We will never tell you that something is not possible without moving the mountain to achieve that first. After all, trust is rarely established with mere words.


You enjoy the convenience of having simple and visual-friendly output. The deliverables are designed and created in order to make them easy to understand and explain to senior management team in shortest possible time. Simplicity is such a matchless virtue yet it is often undervalued; it is rarely simple to achieve simplicity.

Collaborative Control

We follow Design Thinking approach in managing our case assignments. The pivotal idea behind following Design Thinking approach is ‘to keep your needs and objectives at the centre of our case‘. To ensure this, we closely collaborate with you from the requirements gathering phase up to the final deployment stage. As a client, it is your prerogative to retain complete control of your requirements, and having a close collaboration with us lets you have that. You can include only those requirements that are vital to your organization’s strategic objectives and thus pay only for what you really need. This is how, you avoid paying for those unnecessary extras that exist in a ready-made ‘Product-Buy’ solution but have no use for you.

The above reasons carry no meaning if they do not benefit you. Why not spend a no-obligation hour with us to find out first-hand? Let us have an opportunity to explain what we can do for you.

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