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Business Consulting

We partner with small and medium sized businesses to analyse their business data using effective data analysis tools and enable them to make facts-based business decisions to achieve their most important business objectives

 Business Consulting

Business Consulting helps you sail your ship in the right direction

There is business growth, and then, there is the right business growth. Growing too much, too soon, without a strong foundation is sometime detrimental to the long term success (and even survival) of a business. A small business on the US east-coast making organic popsicles from unrefined sweeteners is a case in point. The business was all focused on short-term growth and just didn’t have a long-term strategy in place. During the initial spurt in orders (for which they did not know the reason), they became all gung-ho with the sudden cash inflow and missed the long-term growth perspective. Sadly, the company went bankrupt soon after.

Most businesses, at some point in their start-up and build phase, must work towards building a solid understanding of what is the right growth strategy for their business. Such a strategy requires you to build a comprehensive understanding of the following three aspects of your business:

1. Who are your paying customers and why are they buying from you? If you are offering a consumer product, what is the usage pattern of your customers?

2. Are you offering these products (or services) in the most efficient manner?

3. Do you have enough cash-flow to effectively manage your operations in the middle to long run?

Three seemingly simple questions, but these are the ones that can make all the difference between business survival and business success.

At Veravizion, our business consulting services help you figure out just that. We believe growing your business the right way is more critical than starting a business. That is why, our business consulting services are directed at those businesses who are precisely in this life-cycle phase.

Business analytics

Business analytics and consulting is aimed at identifying specific patterns in your business. We achieve this using simple and productive techniques like advanced Excel™ speadsheets and other cost-effective data-analysis tools. Historical data can be analysed using various data mining techniques to reveal key information pertaining to your business operations. These analyses can be used to predict future performance of your business and make data-driven business decisions.

Benefits of Institutionalizing Business Analytics

    • Identify any alarming trends in revenues and costs
    • Put appropriate warning mechanisms in place
    • Take timely actions in case of non-favourable business situations to avoid any major losses
    • Predict future business performance

This framework facilitates business forecasting based on the empirical data available with businesses. Most businesses these days are implementing analytics to proactively define their business strategy to stay ahead of the competition.

At Veravizion, we offer a range of services to satisfy your varying business needs:

  • Business Strategy
  • Business Process Improvement
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Cost Benefit Analysis
  • Retail Strategy
  • Business Process Design
  • Business Plan Consultancy
  • Business Transformation
  • Cost Consultant
  • Feasibility Analysis
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Cost Reduction and Optimization Services
  • Requirement Consultancy Services
  • Growth Strategy Consulting Services
  • Business Performance Improvement
  • Business Process Modeling
  • Small Business Consulting Services
  • Business Excellence Consultant

If you are not using your business data to compete effectively, then you are fast becoming irrelevant in the increasingly competitive marketplace.

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