E-Commerce Strategy

Lead your business in an intelligent data-driven way

E-Business Intelligence

For all sized e-businesses, E-Commerce Strategy service applies tools and techniques to assist you develop competitive advantage for your business to grow and succeed in today’s digital world.

E-Business Intelligence

What is E-Commerce Strategy?

E-Commerce Strategy services are specifically aimed at helping online businesses make sense of their business data (both online and offline) and metrics for the strategic benefit of their business.

Our e-commerce strategy services are most beneficial to the businesses that have an online presence or are looking to build their online presence. The world is becoming more and more digital. Therefore, organizations must find ways to gain meaningful competitive advantage.

Why is E-Commerce Strategy So Important Today?

Do you know that most online businesses in the world are not (yet) profitable? Amazon, the world’s largest retailer, consistently lost money for many quarters before they started showing successive profitable quarters from a few years back. In fact, the e-commerce giant took eight years since its founding to post it first profitable year. Well, you do not need to wait that long if you can learn and apply the latest insights from E-Commerce Strategy to your business.

According to recent e-commerce forecasts, most notably by Global E-Commerce Foundation and Nielsen, online sales have been rising steadily since the past five years, and by 2020, almost 60% people of the world population on an average are expected to shop on-line. This trend conclusively indicates that only those businesses that are quick to embark on the digital path will survive and grow going forward. The INFOGRAPHIC on ‘Why Businesses Must Have On-line Presence’ gives a quick glimpse into these forecasts and what can business leaders expect in the near future. Going digital entails making data-driven decisions to sell your products to your real customers. This involves applying business analytics principles and analytical tools and techniques to understand and target the buying customer.

Benefits of E-Commerce Strategy

  • Identify new sources of revenues
  • Ascertain customer purchasing pathways
  • Characterize customer profiles and pin-point profitable customer profiles
  • Categorize most profitable products and service offerings applying 80-20 rule
  • Find optimum price points at which the product is most popular

Considering the importance of business intelligence tools and techniques to today’s businesses, Veravizion offers the following services to help you build competitive advantage for your business:

  • Business Analytics Services
  • BI Implementation Services
  • E-Commerce Consulting
  • Web Analytics Intelligence
  • Statistical Analysis Services
  • Predictive Analytics Services
  • Data Mining Services
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Text Analytics Services
  • Web Data Mining
  • Survey Data Analysis Services
  • Business Forecasting

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