Retail: Sales Intelligence

Sales Intelligence

Retail: Sales Intelligence

The Client

A firm specialising in trading retail products such as home and kitchen electronic appliances and apparels all over India and abroad.

The Client Objectives

The client was employing multiple channels to sell their products. In addition to understanding their key customers better, the clients wanted to know most effective geographies, channels, and salespeople with respect to annual sales.

Case Challenges

The client had systems in place to gather data at all the points of sales hence there weren’t much of challenges on data front. Nonetheless, being a traditional multi-generational family business, there was a reluctance among the stakeholders to employ analytical techniques from an external entity. It was a case of “what can an outsider tell me about my business” scenario.

Key Actions and Results

  • Data cleaning and modelling using customised data modelling techniques
  • Detailed analysis using specialised tools; application of business best-practices to generate relevant insights for the business
  • Key insights and recommendations shared with client for strategic decision making

The engagement enabled client to learn of quantitative insights about their business that they had not realised earlier. The actionable insights from the case helped client identify their core business – 25% of their products which were bringing 85% of their revenues. They understood the key channels which were causing maximum sales of their core products. The study also helped them diversify into related retail businesses where they could leverage their existing resources and brand.

Client Feedback

Exremely thorough analysis, actionable insights, and although a bit pricey but total value for money considering the potential returns we can generate based on the insights and recommendations.


PC: Alexander Kovacs on unsplash

Date:15 Jun, 2020