Technology: CRM Study

CRM Study

Technology: CRM Study

The Client

Technology staffing company operating in US market.

The Client Objectives

The client is a subject matter expert in their domain. This work involved analysing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system usage data collated from a number of CRM users across numerous organisations. The objectives also included various types of statistical analyses to arrive at inferences on correlation and causality among the various aspects of Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

Case Challenges

The collated data was in mixed format. Moreover, the CRM study involved both qualitative and quantitative analysis based on a detailed survey that included long-format answers. Initial work appeared straightward, however, there were many dimensions in the study that became conspicuous as the study progressed. Constant change in scope was the need of this study.

Key Actions and Results

  • Evolutionary analysis approach taken for conducting the study.
  • Rigorous data analysis applying specialised tools and techniques – that included usage of keyword extraction tools and statistical analysis tools.
  • Meticuous and manual verification of the inferences from different dimensions.

The study report was evaluated and duly approved by the concerned authority.

Client Feedback

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Date:07 Jul, 2020