Management Reporting

Generate MIS Reports for Business Executives with Customized Framework

A simple, easy, and visual friendly way to address your management reporting needs.

For a business leader who is frequently required to generate numerous types of reports for senior management, our MIS reporting service offers a unique management dashboard framework that allows the flexibility of customizing your reports, to be generated in a simple, interactive, easy to use, and visual friendly manner at a short notice. Most often, we use cost-effective analysis tools like spreadsheets and MS-Excel™ to enable light-weight and flexible MIS for you that you can change at a moment’s notice.

Like the dashboard in your car, the management dashboard shows you the information critical to driving your business in the right direction. It displays the business metrics at one place, in an easy, graphical, and simple to understand form.

Business leaders cannot afford to ignore even a single parameter important to running the business. Ideally, you want such information to be available at your finger-tips at all times. Management dashboard, like management information system, enables you to have the desired business levers in your hands in a simple and better way.

Dashboards are flexible and can be prepared depending upon the specific requirements of a business. For example, a product company keen to grow market share may choose to have top-products-by-market, top-markets-by-region, top-sellers-by-channel, product-wise-revenue-share, and region-wise-revenue-share in their product-revenue dashboard.

A few popular types of dashboards are:

  • Sales and marketing dashboard
  • Customer service dashboard
  • Corporate finance dashboard
  • KPI dashboard
  • Various other business performance dashboards


At Veravizion, we have developed a framework that caters to our clients’ varying requirements. In true spirit of completely aligning with our customers’ needs, we transform various types of data into a consistent format. This data is subjected to appropriate tools and techniques for customized analyses and reporting in the form required by customers. These analyses, through innovative visualization techniques, are presented in the most effective form of dashboard so as to enable our customers use them effectively for their business improvement.

At Veravizion, we offer a range of services to satisfy your varying reporting needs:

  • Cost Benefit Analysis
  • Cost Consultant
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Cost Reduction and Optimization Services
  • Management Reporting Services
  • Small Business Consulting Services
  • MIS Reports Services


In addition to these services, we perform statistical analysis for your research and business needs. Statistical analysis helps in drawing true patterns from the data, and avoids false positives and false negatives. Some of the statistical analytical techniques applied by us in the past are:

  • Regression tests
  • Chi-Square test
  • Two-sample t-test
  • Mann-Whitney U test
  • Fisher’s Exact Test
  • Survival Analysis
  • A few other statistical analysis tests

Why not speak with us to understand how you can transform your MIS?


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