Veravizion analytics – A Warm Welcome!

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Veravizion analytics

Veravizion analytics – A Warm Welcome!

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W  elcome all to the first blogpost at Veravizion analytics!

We are very excited to be able to offer our services to you and to make a sustainable positive impact on your business and on the businesses and lives of those you serve. The opportunities are limitless. We are also thrilled to have the opportunity via this blogpost to share our perspectives and your thoughts on topics that are as much crucial for your business as they are dear to our heart.

All these preceding years, I have observed one thing consistently. Like Newton’s observation, this one too is as common as an apple falling down a tree, and one that most of you have noticed too. However unlike Newtonian one, this one concerns matters of business. It is that, the data and time at hand, for a business executive, are inversely proportional to one another; and the proportion is worsening every passing day. BBC cites IBM to say that, “2.5 exabytes – that’s 2.5 billion gigabytes (GB) – of data was generated every day in 2012.” We are already 700-odd days ahead of that.

The enormity of data carries grave implications for a business (and for our business executive). The top three concerns that instantly come to mind are:
1. Additional cost to analyze the data in a rushed manner
2. Risk of missing the main point
3. Impact on bottom-line and business strategy

From my own professional experiences, I have seen C-suite executives asking senior-managers for instant reports on a variety of business parameters. Naturally, the top-guys need it to keep the business profitable and chart future course of the business. The senior-managers – the business executive in our observation – rarely have an easy way out. So under severe pressure, they are forced to employ resources, at times unskilled, to quickly run queries and generate reports. Many a times, the hugeness of data and paucity of time make the analysts churn out some reports to satisfy the top-execs’ invariably urgent requirements. The entire process becomes quite frustrating and traumatic for the managers. Moreover, there is a high risk of such reports being incomplete and/or inaccurate. It will be nothing less than a gamble to base critical business decisions on such reports. Worse, the managers can be accused of misrepresenting the facts for no fault of theirs.

Fortunately, there is a large upside to this situation. The senior managers can put in place mechanisms, like management dashboards, frequently required charts, and a few useful reports pertaining to any and every information on their customers. These proactive actions on their part can go a long way in helping them and their organization institutionalize a new competitive strategy to keep a step ahead of their competition.

Veravizion was born to help executives with these requirements.

The objective is to have something simple, yet something incredibly useful. These tools can not only save the managers from stress but also help them create win-positions for themselves in their organizations. The business executives can actually differentiate themselves and their organization with this strategy.

I look forward to interacting with you in the coming weeks through future posts and your comments.

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